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Bell Canada Child Welfare Research Unit (University of Toronto) Harvard Family Research Project
Bendheim-Thoman Center for Res. on Child Wellbeing (Princeton) Harvard University, Kennedy School
Boston College Center for Work and Family Institute for Children, Youth, and Families (Michigan State University)
Brandeis University: The Family and Child Policy Center Institute for Child & Family Policy (University of Southern Maine) 
Bush Center in Child Development and Social Policy (Yale) Institute for Poverty Research (Northwestern University)
Center for Adolescent Studies (Indiana University) Institute for Research on Poverty (University of Wisconsin)
Center for Child and Family Policy (Duke University) Joint Center for Poverty Research (Northwestern  / Chicago)
Center for Children and Families (Columbia University) Kempe Children's Center (University of Colorado)
Center for Children, Families, and the Law (University of Virginia) National Center for Children in Poverty (Columbia University)
Center on Children, Families, and the Law (Nebraska-Lincoln) National Center on Fathers and Families (Pennsylvania)
Center for Early Education and Development (Minnesota) National Child Welfare Resource Center (U S. Maine)
Center on Human Policy (Syracuse University) National Early Childhood Technical Assistance System (UNC)
Center for Social Services Research (UC, Berkeley) National Institute on Out-of-School Time (Wellesley College)
Center for Urban Affairs and Policy Research (Northwestern) National Resource Center for Family Centered Practice (Univ. of Iowa)
Center on Urban Poverty & Social Change (Case Western) National Resource Center for Foster Care (Hunter)
Center for Young Families and Children National Resource Center for Youth Services (University of Oklahoma)
Chapin Hall Center for Children (University of Chicago) National Tech. Asst Cntr for Children's MH (Georgetown)
Child Development Center (Georgetown) Office of Child Welfare Research & Development (Kansas)
Child Welfare Research Center (University of California, Berkeley) Research Forum on Child., Families, & the New Federalism (Columbia)
Children and Family Research Center (University of Illinois)     Skillman Center for Children (Wayne State University)
Children, Youth, and Family Consortium (University of Minnesota) Social Indicators Survey Center (Columbia University)
Children, Youth, and Family Consortium (Penn State University) Society for Research in Child Development (University of Michigan)
Claremont University Consortium  Stanford Center on Adolescence (Stanford University)
Collaborative Center for Child Wellbeing (University of Maryland) UCLA Center for Healthy Children
Early Childhood Research Institute (Minnesota, Kansas, & Oregon) University of California, San Francisco Institute for Health Policy
Family and Child Policy Center (Brandeis University) Office of Child Welfare Research & Development (Kansas)
Family Life Development Center (Cornell University) University of Maryland College Park Foundation, Inc 
Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center (UNC) Welfare Reform and Children (Johns Hopkins)