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Table of Contents

Child Abuse
Child Abuse Articles
Child Abuse Reports
Statistical Data

Foster Care
Foster Care
The Child Welfare System

Welfare Reform and Children
The Welfare Reform Debate
Changing the Welfare System
State Welfare Programs
Issues: Welfare to Work Programs
Issues: Child Support
Issues: Day Care
Issues: Teen Pregnancy

Child Poverty and Inequality
Child Poverty
Inequality and Poverty

Child Advocacy

Values and Children

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Call for Contributions

  Child Welfare Review is intended to be a forum for significant, critical and serious inquiry into issues related to the welfare of children. It is open to conflicting and contrasting viewpoints. We will link to or publish original research, scientific reports, policy studies, thought pieces, review articles, and book reviews. Our primary interest is providing visitors to this web site with a rich source of material bearing on the welfare of children.

We ask for your help in this effort. If you know of any articles or studies located on the Internet send us an email ( with the site address (URL). We will review the contribution and, if suitable, include it.

Child Welfare Review is a peer reviewed electronic journal. We are currently organizing the editorial board. If you have any suggestions or wish to assist, please write to us:

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In addition to the articles, reports and essays found in Child Welfare Review, we have organized a library of resource material relevant to child welfare. The library contains numerous links to resources (such as the Green Book, US Census Bureau's Statistical Abstract of the United States, the Brookings Institute Library and more), relevant electronic journals (more than 20 journals found on the Internet), think tanks and research institutes (such as Rand, Heritage Foundation, Progressive Policy Institute), and more than 20 of the major child advocacy and child welfare groups (such as the Children's Defense Fund, Children Now, National Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect).

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About Child Welfare Review

Child Welfare Review is an electronic journal for coverage of issues related to the well-being of children. It contains both links to articles related to child welfare and original articles. We have examined various web sites on the World Wide Web to locate the most important and useful articles on child welfare issues. We then organized the articles so that they could be easily accessed.

More than one hundred articles are organized into six categories: child abuse, foster care, adoption, welfare reform and children, child poverty and inequality, child advocacy, and values and children. These categories reflect the material of interest we were able to bring together. It is expected that overtime these categories will change and increase.

How it works: Examine the Table of Contents for categories of interest to you and then go to those categories by clicking their links. When you find an article of interest simply click its link and you will be taken to where the article is located. When you are at the article you will no longer be at Child Welfare Review's web site. To return to Child Welfare Review use the "Back" button on your browser to return to the previous site.

We are engaged in an ongoing experiment in cyberspace communication. We welcome your suggestions on how we can improve this electronic journal. We invite you to submit suggestions for additional article links, topics to discuss, or original manuscripts you would be willing to have published.

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To submit or recommend an article link contract:

Duncan Lindsey
Editor, Child Welfare Review


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