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Children and Youth Services Review

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Special Issues
(Guest) editors Volume & journal title
A. Reynolds Volume 26, Issue 1
Promoting Well Being in Children and Youth: Findings from the Chicago Longitudinal Study
M. Courtney Volume 25, Issues 5-6:
The Overrepresentation of Children of Color in the Child Welfare System
S.K. Martin Volume 25, Issues 1-2
The Impact of Welfare Reform on Children
M. Staudt Volume 24, Issues 9-10,:
Research on Services to Preserve Maltreating Families
D. Brooks Volume 24, Issues 6-7:
Challenges Implementing and Evaluating Child Welfare Demonstration Projects
R Geen Volume 24, Issues 1-2,
Kinship Care: An Evolving Service Delivery Option
B. Krause Eheart Volume 23, Numbers 9/10:
Generations of Hope: An Intergenerational Model for Foster Care and Adoption
J. Brooks-Gunn Volume 23, Number 6/7:
Fragile Families and Welfare Reform (Part II)
E. Gambrill Volume 23, Number 1:
Assessing and Managing Risk in Child Protective Services
E. Gambrill Volume 22, Numbers 11/12:
Assessing Risk in Child Maltreatment
L.G. Mills Volume 22, Numbers 3/4:
Woman Abuse and Child Protection: A Tumultuous Marriage
C. Friend Volume 22, Number 5:
Woman Abuse and Child Protection: A Tumultuous Marriage
M.E. Courtney Volume 22, Number 2:
Managed Care and Child Welfare Services
R. Dingwall Volume 21, Numbers 11/12:
Children and Family Policy in Europe
J. Duerr Berrick Volume 21, Numbers 9/10:
Welfare Reform and Child Welfare
W.E. Hawkins Volume 20, Numbers 9/10:
Consequences and Strategies for Youth Involvement
M. Berry Volume 20, Numbers 1/2:
Adoption in an Era of Family Preservation
D.J. Besharov Volume 19, Number 7:
Sex Education and Abstinence: Research and Evaluation
M.S. Sherraden Volume 18, Number 6:
Multicultural Issues on Child Welfare
A.N. Maluccio Volume 18, Numbers 4/5:
Family Reunification of Children in Out-of-Home Care: Research Issues and Perspectives
V. Groze Volume 18, Numbers 1/2:
Advances in Research and Theory in Adoption
J. Aldgate Volume 17, Numbers 5/6:
Child Welfare in the United Kingdom
J. Giovannoni Volume 17, Number 4:
Rationing Child Protection
S.K. Danziger Volume 17, Number 1/2:
Child Poverty, Public Policies and Welfare Reform
Jill Deurr Berrick Volume 16, Numbers 1/2:
An International Multidisciplinary Review of the Welfare of Young People

Children and Youth Services Review is an interdisciplinary forum for critical scholarship regarding service programs for children and youth. The journal publishes full-length articles, current research and policy notes, and book reviews.

Aims and Scope

For two decades, the goal of Children and Youth Services Review has been to provide a forum for the critical analysis and assessment of social service programs designed to serve young people throughout the world. Children and Youth Services Review publishes full-length articles, current research and policy notes, and book reviews. The Review is dedicated to the development of a scientific and scholarly knowledge base for the child welfare field, as such, all papers are refereed and only those of the highest quality are published. As the list of quality papers submitted has grown in the past few years, the Review has expanded its frequency and is now published eight times per year. Children and Youth Services Review provides in-depth coverage of: child welfare, foster care, adoptions, child abuse and neglect, income support, mental health services and social policy.

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Editorial Board

Children and Youth Services Review
An International Multidisciplinary Review of the Welfare of Young People

Editor: Duncan Lindsey, School of Public Policy and Social Research, University of California, Los Angeles, 3250 Public Policy Building, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1656

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