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Best books on adopting


The best books on adoption

For the thousands of Americans who consider adoption each year, being evaluated as potential parents is an intimidating and confusing process. This comprehensive, compassionate guide teaches readers what to expect every step of the way, from deciding whether or not they are ready to adopt a child, to choosing an adoption agency, to meeting with birthparents.


Adoption For Dummies
Tracy Barr
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Are you ready to adopt? This reassuring guide walks you through the process, from choosing the right form of adoption and finding an agency to filling out forms, meeting with birthparents, and getting through the waiting period. You get tips on surviving the home study, dealing with family members, and sharing the adoption story with your child.

Adopting in America
Randall Hicks
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Beating the Adoption Odds
Cynthia D. Martin
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There Are Babies to Adopt
Christine A. Adame...
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Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Thei...
Sherrie Eldridge
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Russian Adoption Handbook
John H. Maclean
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